Workshop NePoPo®️ Piotr Kaczmarek

27. - 28. 5. 2023 

Kaczmarek K9 - We train dogs of all breeds, specializing in dog training for special services and personal protection. We operate in the NePoPo®️ system shaped by high-class specialists in the field of training Bart and Michael Bellon. Your pets are looked after by specialists under the favorable eye of:

Piotr Kaczmarek For 10 years he has been professionally training dogs and people in Poland and abroad. Since 2017, a graduate of Barta and Michael Belon's NePoPo school. He works with trainers from all over the world. In 2020, he joined the international organization of professional trainers (IACP) and obtained the status of a member of the European IACP Commission.
Włodzimierz Kaczmarek - 30 years of experience in breeding working dogs. 20 years of selling dogs to services in Poland and abroad. 5 years of cooperation with JWK. Specialist and trainer of the first dogs in Europe with three specialties.

NePoPo® - This is an innovative system created and patented by Bart and Michael Bellon. Many years of experience in training dogs allowed them to create a method in which we will always receive behavior on command with Heart and Soul. It is a combination of negative and positive reinforcement. NePoPo® gives everyone more opportunities and more chances to get what we need in training. The system is based on classical and instrumental conditioning on direct and indirect rewarding. On using positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. We use all possible tools to achieve success. No dog can be forced to put Heart and Soul into the work, it always has to come from the dog. In this system, we want the dog to think, quickly adapt to new situations and be strong both mentally and physically.